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Taking Facebook pages from drab tumbleweed riddled corners of the internet and turning them into an overflowing endless rich source of fans and sales

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You CAN have a highly engaged Facebook page for your creative business that brings in the bacon, without having to pay to play or spend 8 hours a day on social media.

Do you sigh heavily, facepalm your laptop and throw your mobile out the door when yet another Facebook post gets tumbleweeds?


Do you feel super frustrated that you don’t know how to find those perfect customers on Facebook, and waste time in unresponsive selling groups with slim results?


Would you like to unlock the secrets for how to build a tribe of loyal Facebook fans who engage with your posts and buy your products or services?


Welcome! I'm so glad you're here.

What is one of the first things that most small creative business owners do when they start their business.

First they spend hours tweaking and over thinking a logo design (I seeeee yooooou!!!) and then they create a Facebook page.

Yeeey - you’re in business!! You have an official Facebook page!!

And it feels super exciting! You invite your friends, family and colleagues and you’re practically buzzing!

You can’t wait to get started making posts of your products or services and telling the world about your amazing new venture.

But you realise something pretty quickly.

You realise Facebook is a pretty tricky platform to navigate for business.

It’s pretty crowded.

And posting up in craft groups or mum groups is not just time consuming, but fruitless.

And this thing called the algorithm is stopping your posts being seen in the newsfeed of your fans.

And you start to hear rumours that you have to pay to play.

You realise it’s hard to build your page likes.

Even harder to get consistent high reach.

EVEN harder to get great engagement (unless you put up a cat meme, they always get great engagement but have sod all to do with most people’s businesses)


It’s not as easy to get seen as you first thought #feelingtotallybummed

The excitement for your new business has burst like a bubble.

You start to wonder if you’re any “good” at this business thing. Start to wonder if you can actually make a success of your business online.

But let me share something with you.

There are countless creative biz owners who ARE making money from social media.

And they’re doing it consistently.

These people are just like you, working from their spare room or kitchen tables are building their loyal fanbase and receiving comments and emoji’s galore.


Why is that?

What magic are they using?

How did they build a page with 4,534 likes?

Are they sleeping with Mark Zuckerberg?

Hi, I’m Jackie, and I’ve been exactly where you are today.

Countless times.

Back in 2012 when I started my online business journey after becoming a mum and dreading going back to the corporate day job, I knew that Facebook would be a great tool for my business (there are 1.8bn users currently so that statistic alone meant I knew my customers were there)

But I found it extremely difficult to get seen, to get in front of the right people and ultimately get sales.

It took me 4 years, over £6k in my own personal development and countless failures and facepalm/throw the mobile/pull your hair out moments to finally see the light.

That I was looking at it all wrong.

My Facebook page isn’t about me!

That having a Facebook page that is all sell sell sell will just mean you get ignored ignored ignored.

That Facebook is a place for conversations. A place to connect. A place to have fun.

Y’know….to be social!

And that because there are 1.8bn users, there IS enough room to create a little corner of Facebook that I can own and build my own tribe of adoring fans.

My Facebook page should be about my ideal customer and how my business can make them feel amazing!

That’s the purpose of my Facebook page!

And once I realised this I started testing and tweaking my approach and I saw HUGE results instantly.

Literally overnight.

I once wrote a Facebook post which told an emotive story that instantly resonated with my ideal customer.

It was shared over 40 times and reached 18,000 people.

I had around 700 likes to my page at that time and I didn’t put a penny behind boosting the post.

That means it reached over 2600% of my page likes.

I knew I was on to something.

Over time and more testing and tweaking and learning I knew this wasn’t just a one off.

I started to have consistent high engagement, high reach on my Facebook business page and the sales kept on rolling in.

And, the best bit, I was spending LESS time on Facebook than ever before!

And it was, dare I say it, FUN!

I know, sounds totally too good to be true right, but let me show you something.


more sales, more fun and you’re closer to that dream of quitting the day job / not going back to work after maternity / having a purpose with your day

Introducing Facebook University

The jam packed busting at the seams monthly membership site giving you FULL access to every single tip, trick, hack and strategy to create a profitable, fun and engaging Facebook page specifically for creative business owners.

(That’s crafters, artists, hand makers, photographers, designers and more to boot)


Facebook University will give you

  • Instant access to 48 trainings, scripts and templates that will take your Facebook page from drab to FAB (did I mention that I'll be adding fresh content every month?)
  • Ongoing updates for the ever changing Facebook landscape - your finger is firmly on the pulse
  • The solutions to solve the BIG challenges with Facebook - engagement, reach, videos and sales from Facebook groups.

There are 94 million results on google for “how to create an engaging Facebook page"

Do you have the time to sort through those and work it all out or would you rather take a tried and tested route which WORKS from someone else who HAS a creative business on Facebook?

Class Curriculum

  Know your audience and nail your ideal customer
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Canva tutorials - become a graphic designer overnight
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Customer temperature - why it's important to remember
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Understanding Facebook insights
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Webinar replays
Available in days
days after you enroll

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There is so much confusing advice out there. I’ve read it and tried most of it.

Here are some right off the bat that I can tell you right now are NOT working for Facebook

  • Liking your own posts does diddly squat
  • Building your page likes from other crafters/artists/photographers/designers is not the quickest route to more sales. In most cases, it leads to no sales.
  • When and how often you post has some bearing on getting your posts seen, but there is much smarter approach (psst the newsfeed isn’t chronological anymore, check it out for yourself. It’s all about value and relevancy)
  • You can build your fanbase from no promo Facebook groups, you just have to give before you ask.
  • What is your unicorn name or enter your year of birth into the gif bar posts are a good idea as long as you’re using the right approach to maximise on that exposure. Otherwise it will just result in no new likes...again.

Use and abuse what’s worked for me and countless other creative business owners and kick those Facebook tumbleweeds to the curb!

Here are some of the results people just like you have had with my help.

Answering those questions, fears and doubts (I know you have them!)

So it’s a monthly membership - can I cancel anytime?

Yes. Yes - it’s just that simple. Even though it will break my heart and you’ll miss out on all the new good stuff I’ll be adding in each month, if it’s not right, I’ll give you back the ring and we can part ways.

How can I pay, is it automatic?

Yep! When you join you will pay for your first month instantly, and be charged the following month on the same date automatically.

Will this work for me? I’m an online dinosaur / have 76 children / have several full time jobs / have an unsupportive network / have no clue and can barely get dressed in the morning.

Yep. I created a membership site for two reasons. 1) because I have SO much to say that putting it into one huge mammoth webinar or course would be ridiculous. I’ve broken down every single nuance and step into bite size, easy to understand AND follow through on chunks which works for every business no matter what stage you're at in your journey and where you are in the world, and 2) I am a HUGE fan of membership sites for my own learning. I can dip in and out of training around family, other commitments, Netflix and I’ve even been known to listen in the bath (you can have that mental image for keeps)


Facebook University is backed by 3 blood promises

1. There are no shady, made up, phoney one trick pony tricks in this course. I've not included anything if I haven't seen it work for myself or for one of my students.

2. This course is designed to help anyone with a struggling Facebook page get results. It is not an overnight cure, but it is a proven roadmap to success-ville where the roads are paved with emojis and the fountains flow with endless engagement.

3. I am here for you. I am here to support you. I am here to answer your questions and provide you with a soundboard. I ain't going nowhere for my students, just like I helped Sheridan below.

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Your Instructor


I help confused and frustrated crafters become confident business owners by harnessing the power of Facebook and online marketing to build a creative business of their dreams.

I teach crafters & artists how to effortlessly build a loyal & raving fan base, know their uniqueness in a busy & crowded online space and bask in the comfort of having sales month after month via their online marketing efforts.

No more tumbleweeds online! No more slow sales!

As a mural artist myself who sources all my new clients from Facebook, I have my finger on the pulse as to what is working right now and would love to share it with you.


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