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Get more fans and more sales from Facebook in 2018

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Calling all makers, crafters & artists!

How would you like to get MORE results from your Facebook page (like sales), whilst spending less time managing it?

If you've had a Facebook page for your craft or art business for some time, then you know how frustrating it can be.

The algorithm changes, the low organic reach, the confusing advice, the fear of making videos......

Yep, I'm with you on all of that!

But here is the thing....the one unignorable fact we can't dismiss.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform, so your ideal customers ARE there, you're just unsure how to use it to your advantage.

Imagine this scenario...


You use Facebook as a tool to effortlessly find your ideal customers. You know exactly how to get in front of them with the right messages that pique their interest and get you noticed by them. They are drawn to your page like a magnet and hit that like button instantly. You feel assured and confident that when you create a new post, you're speaking directly to them, and they can't help but engage and comment. You know you're building a loyal fanbase on your Facebook page and this is translating to a big increase in your website views and email sign ups. You using Facebook as a tool for your growth, with professionalism, style and you're also having fun!

You can feel exactly like this in a matter of weeks using a proven Facebook growth system.

Here is a perfect example from one of my students proving how quickly, when the right strategy is applied, you can see organic increases with your Facebook page.

She joined Facebook University, started making some changes, showing up consistently with the right messages and visuals and BOOM look what happened in just 28 days from her joining (don't worry if the numbers scare you, just concentrate on all the green percentages!)

Also look at what happened to her organic reach once she started using a tried and tested strategy on her page....

And also look at her organic engagement increase...

This creative business owner is a busy working Mum of two.

She is short on time and energy, but big on her business dreams.

And by understanding that what got her here won't get her there, she invested in herself and her learning to take her Facebook page to the next level.

She understood and believed that it can be a phenomenal tool in growing the awareness of her business.

And as a result, she is spending less time on Facebook than ever before, has increasingly become quicker at scheduling her weekly content and is getting more sales and awareness as a result.

Strategy + less time on Facebook = more sales.

Ready to get those kind of results for YOUR business on Facebook?

Introducing Facebook University

The monthly membership site giving you FULL access to every single tip, trick, hack and strategy to get more fans and sales from Facebook in 2018.

(Specifically for crafters, artists, hand makers, photographers)

Get started now!

NOTE: Price is increasing on Wednesday 21st February


Facebook University will give you answers to

  • How do I get my page seen on Facebook? Especially with the new algorithm changes!?!?
  • How do I get more engagement? My posts are like tumbleweeds!!
  • How do I find my ideal customer and who is she anyway?!
  • I'm terrified of videos, but know they're important, how do I find the middle ground?
  • How do I schedule posts quickly and effectively?
  • Is my Facebook page set up correctly? Is it enticing and selling my products in the right way?
  • If promo is out, what do I say on my Facebook page?

All of the above (and more) is answered with...

  • Instant access to 50+ trainings, scripts and templates (did I mention that I'll be adding fresh content every month?)
  • Ongoing updates for the ever changing Facebook landscape
  • Private Facebook group with 121 help from myself
  • Expert interview sessions with my entrepreneurial buddies (such as a branding and photography expert)
  • 24/7 access (iOS app available)
  • Self paced learning

Here, have a look below at the course content to get more of an idea what's included when you enrol (make sure you expand the box below to see it all!)

Class Curriculum

  Customer temperature - why it's important to remember
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Understanding Facebook insights
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Monthly post & image library
Available in days
days after you enroll


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There is so much confusing advice out there.

I’ve read it and tried most of it.

Things that are NOT working on Facebook in 2018.

  • Posting without a strategy will result in tumbleweeds
  • Having a Facebook page that is all about the sale will get you nowhere fast.
  • Building your page likes from other crafters/artists/photographers/designers is not the smartest route to more sales. In most cases, it leads to no sales and actually damages your page.
  • When and how often you post has some bearing on getting your posts seen, but there is much smarter and easier approach (psst the newsfeed isn’t chronological anymore, check it out for yourself. It’s all about value and relevancy)
  • You can build your fanbase from no promo Facebook groups, you just have to give before you ask.
  • What is your unicorn name or enter your year of birth into the gif bar posts are a good idea as long as you’re using the right approach to maximise on that exposure. Otherwise it will just result in no new likes...again.

Stop wasting time with outdated tactics that no longer work and instead steal mine (that really do work!)



  • So it’s a monthly membership - can I cancel anytime?

Yes. Yes - it’s just that simple. Even though it will break my heart and you’ll miss out on all the new good stuff I’ll be adding in each month, if it’s not right, I’ll give you back the ring and we can part ways.

  • How can I pay, is it automatic?

Yep! When you join you will pay for your first month instantly, and be charged the following month on the same date automatically.

  • Will this work for me? I’m an online dinosaur / live in Outer Mongolia / have 76 children / have several full time jobs / have an unsupportive network / have no clue and can barely get dressed in the morning.

Yep. I created a membership site for two reasons.

1) because I have SO much to say that putting it into one huge mammoth webinar or course would be ridiculous. I’ve broken down every single nuance and step into bite size, easy to understand AND follow through on chunks which works for every business no matter what stage you're at in your journey and where you are in the world, and

2) I am a HUGE fan of membership sites for my own learning. I can dip in and out of training around family, other commitments, Netflix and I’ve even been known to listen in the bath (you can have that mental image for keeps)


Ready to finally unlock the power of Facebook to get seen, get fans and get sales?

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Your Instructor


Hi, I’m Jackie and I help the “pull your hair out frustrated” creative biz owner get results from Facebook.

If you're a crafter, hand maker, photographer or artist, working your business around a family or day job, I will show you my proven methods for how to get results with Facebook quickly even if you're short on time, low on budget but big on your business dreams!

Stop the tumbleweeds and the outdated advice and start using Facebook to grow your business today (your customers are on there, so get in front of them!)